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Automotive Service and Aftermarket

Automässan is a leading car show happening in Sweden, where major automotive players will gather and share unique insights about where the industry is headed. Industry specialists from across Scandanavia will highlight the latest from digitization and its impact on the various areas of the automotive and aftermarket industry.

Gateway Digital’s industry expertise, futuristic solutions in the automotive domain and innovative digital transformation services help automotive businesses to accelerate their growth journey and emerge in this disruptive marketplace.

At Automässan, we will exhibit our proficiency in connected vehicles, digitalization, autonomous vehicles, safety, hybrid & electrical, and telematics, which are this year’s key focus areas.

Innovation in Automotive

Meet us in person to explore growth opportunities for your automotive and aftermarket business.

Anamaya Dwivedi
Anamaya Dwivedi Vice President,
Gateway Digital Sweden AB



Strategic Technology Partnerships for ISVs

Gateway Digital has spread its wings to South Africa for supporting Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in the automotive industry by deploying the most sought-after technology solutions.

We are a technology and consulting company serving global enterprises across diverse industries in various digital transformation and innovation initiatives.

Engage with us in a strategic technology partnership to take your business to new heights.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

What We Offer?

Automotive Industry IT Services & Solutions

Cloud Transformation

Digital Consulting & Strategy

Quality Engineering

Applied Intelligence

Cybersecurity Services

Product Engineering Services

Digital Marketing

Technology Transformation

IT Staffing Services

IT Infrastructure Management

Enterprise Transformation

Products: AutoDAP, LEAP


  • IoT

  • Blockchain

  • Machine Learning

  • Chatbots

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Augmented Reality

Automotive Software Development  |  Automotive Industry IT Services & Solutions  |  Digital Automotive Solutions

Entertainment & Gaming

Digitally Transforming the Entertainment & Gaming Sector

New trends and technologies are driving innovation, disruption, and opportunities for growth in the entertainment and gaming industry. The world of entertainment & gaming is changing for each one of us and for obvious reasons the player is at the heart of this change.

Gateway Digital helps transitioning into a new gaming landscape, shaping the market, and offering consultation on becoming successful in the virtual and physical world. We are involved in some of the major gaming sections including – iGaming, mobile gaming, eLearning games and social & casual cause games.

We combine our domain expertise in gaming with technical prowess to deliver the best gameplay experience to gamers. So be it high-quality, real-time intense graphics-based games or mind-benders’; we deliver them all. Gateway Digital is the one stop shop for all your needs from concept development to game development to quality assurance to deployments.

Print Media & Publishing

Digital Transformation in Print Media Industry

Digital transformation is the driving force that shapes the creation and distribution of content for the print and publishing industry. Gateway Digital’s print media and publishing division is dedicated to providing multi-channel marketing, point-of-sale, and advertising solutions to agencies across the globe. We are focused to support marketers and their suppliers with the appropriate tools to streamline their collaborative operations and workflows by using innovative technologies. Our workflow software suite helps businesses to work and communicate anytime and anywhere. Our solutions effectively allow users to manage and maintain enterprise-wide publications, business cards, newsletters, and other media publishing content.


Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Industry

Post-industrial revolution, manufacturing companies have moved from mass production to customized production. The advent of connected devices and growing customer expectations has further driven digital transformation in manufacturing businesses. Gateway Digital works towards serving the manufacturing industries by providing turnkey IT solutions and technology consulting services.

We help manufacturers to remain competitive by helping them reduce costs and time to market, improve customer service, comply with increasing pressures based on health and safety, and still design innovative products. We employ our rich experience and expertise in end-to-end process design, development, and smart manufacturing services across many geographies to help our clients in their digital transformation journey.

Government & Public Sector

Digital Transformation in Government & Public Sector

The economic, social, and political environment globally seems to be continuously evolving towards digital transformation. This may need for the government to significantly focus on transforming practices in the way public services are being delivered. Government structures require practices which execute thorough and transparent operations, a viable operating model, cost to serve, and assure customer satisfaction.

Gateway Digital helps to be accountable towards one of the most important stakeholders i.e. citizens, that can be compelling the government to review at the entire value-chain of service delivery, including physical and digital infrastructure, health and social services, and defense and public safety.

Healthcare & Life Science

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Patient care and engagement are transcending and with the advent of smart medical devices, healthcare is evolving at a rapid pace. Data intelligence and predictive analytics are playing a pivotal role in both the sectors allowing physicians and patients to know more about the disease and find a cure for it.

The healthcare division of Gateway Digital is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology to healthcare pioneers leading to digital transformation. Our team is focused to make healthcare more accessible, affordable and patient-centric. We help healthcare payers, providers, manufacturers and distributors in transforming health care experiences.


Digital Transformation in Banking, Finance & Insurance

The face of the banking and financial services industry has changed in the past several years with the emergence of technology and digital-only services. Gateway Digital unleashes the power of digital transformation for BFSI sector, through its state-of-the-art financial solutions and technology innovations. We are specialized in extending our domain expertise to our customers, to help them to stay competitive, increase market penetration and get the best value of their investments.

We are a trusted source in creating new digital solutions and renewing legacy products through digitization. Our robust financial IT and technology transformation solutions for BFSIs not only address today’s digital disruptive challenges but also encourage businesses to navigate to digital transformation.


Digital Transformation in Retail

Gateway Digital’s retail division is dedicated to provide real-time digital services to retail pioneers towards digital transformation. This division focuses to engage and acquire customers through customer centricity. Our product LEAP, an exclusive location-based app for advertising bridges the gap between brands and customers and empowers them with next-level experience.

At Gateway Digital, the team is dedicated to provide real-time digital capabilities to retail pioneers leading to customer excellence. The focus of the division is towards assortment and convenience of customers making them the key driving factors in the digital journey.