Digital Transformation in Print Media Industry

Digital transformation is the driving force that shapes the creation and distribution of content for the print and publishing industry. Gateway Digital’s print media and publishing division is dedicated to providing multi-channel marketing, point-of-sale, and advertising solutions to agencies across the globe. We are focused to support marketers and their suppliers with the appropriate tools to streamline their collaborative operations and workflows by using innovative technologies. Our workflow software suite helps businesses to work and communicate anytime and anywhere. Our solutions effectively allow users to manage and maintain enterprise-wide publications, business cards, newsletters, and other media publishing content.


Workflow management solutions to automate the business workflow of media and publishing firms

Application and platform development for media companies

Media assets management solution with workflow and approval process to manage different media content

Mobile printing and document sharing applications

E-commerce solutions for on-demand printing

Futuristic Initiatives

Coupon Marketing Portal

Print-to-Order Book Web Shop

Mobile App for Print Ordering

Facebook-based Content Publishing

Interactive 360-degree Panorama Viewer

Our Achievements

Streamlined ad productions of various publishers and ad agencies

Optimized advertising process of media distribution companies

Automated business workflows for various media and publishing firms

Supply chain control tower

Workflow Management Solution

A solution to help managers and decision makers to get effective control over routine and specific workflows and fix common workflow challenges.

Citizen Journalism App

Citizen Journalism App

An app to empower bystanders and news aggregation companies to get the real-time live news and stay updated. This app expands the news coverage to common people and stays connected with each notch of the world.


Media Assets Management Solution

A one-stop solution for keeping and managing all the media files and footage. The solution provides an archive of large videos and media files for future with simple and easy-to-access form.