Customer Satisfaction in an ever evolving iGaming industry

The popularity of online gaming and perhaps iGaming in particular have seen a rapid, but steady increase in recent years. As popularity increases, so does the requirements to meet the ever-changing demands from players to be engaged and entertained. The customer journey is rapidly evolving, with mobile applications, AI software ...
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Gateway Digital Sweden AB and Svensk Travsport AB signs strategic technology partnership agreement

Gateway Digital Sweden AB and Svensk Travsport AB are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic technology partnership agreement for IT services for years to come. The partnership combines Svensk Travsport, who is the main organization for Swedish trotting with Gateway Digital’s next-gen technology services & strategy-led ...
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How Gateway Digital is Assisting Healthcare Professionals in Fighting the COVID-19 Crisis

As the COVID 19 pandemic remains a health and humanitarian crisis, our foremost priority has been to help create calm and minimize disruptions. With our flexible business model and expert global teams working from remote locations, we are doing our bit in making the lives of healthcare professionals easy during ...
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Startup Trends to Watch for in 2020

Startups, no matter how small, play a significant role in global economic growth. Also, let’s just not limit them to economic growth, while most of the startups aim to make an impact rather than making a profit. Along with creating more jobs, they also focus on introducing disruptive technology and ...
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