It is too soon to tell the consequences of the corona virus and the impact it will have on the economy and business life. What we do know is that right now, businesses across the globe, no matter size or industry, are struggling to keep their daily operations up and running.

We are here to help!

Although its impact can be felt by anyone, perhaps startups and small businesses are the most vulnerable in a crisis like this due to lacking both resources and capital to tackle such an unexpected and dire situation. We at Gateway Digital would like to extend our helping hand to anyone feeling overwhelmed by the current situation and we offer our IT services for free to companies in need.

Perhaps you need IT Support and Development Services?

Do you need help in your upcoming Sprints or DevOps cycle?

Maybe you need support keeping your system up and running while you focus on your employees and clients?

Whatever the challenge might be, we would like to be a part of your solution. With local entities across the Nordics, backed by our global corporation, we are here to help you.

Get in contact with any of our Local CEO’s and together we can work out a solution suitable to your needs – at no cost.

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Alf Lande

Alf Lande

CEO, Norway

Mikael Fagerholm

Mikael Fagerholm

CEO, Finland

Ola Hammarlund

Ola Hammarlund

CEO, Sweden

It Staffing Solutions

Tillsätt rätt resurs, vid rätt tid och på rätt plats med Gateway Digital’s professionella rekryteringstjänst.

Vi levererar enastående resultat till alla våra nordiska kunder.

Vill du rekrytera kvalificerade kandidater till ditt företag i Sverige?

Hör av dig till oss!

Gateway Digital´s varumärke TecBridge erbjuder professionella rekryteringslösningar för stora och medelstora företag i behov av IT konsulter. Vi identifierar och tillsätter kvalificerade konsulter för den specifika tjänsten genom att jämföra kundens behov med konsulternas erfarenhet och expertis.

Vår rekryteringstjänst erbjuder temporära och permanenta rekryteringar och även utlandsbaserad personal. Vi tillsätter

”rätt person till rätt jobb”

och hjälper till att skapa en passionerad arbetsstyrka.

Vår Värdegrund




Varför välja oss?

Product Engineering Solutions

We offer futuristic product engineering solutions for customers across diverse domains and technology platforms.

With our in-depth market knowledge and cutting-edge technology expertise, we build innovative digital strategies and develop intelligent products and software applications.

Facts & Figures

  • 110+ Successful Product Deliveries
  • 100+ Legacy Product Migration
  • Collaboration with 15+ Fortune 500 Companies
  • Product Innovations for 160+ Organizations
  • Clients Across 80+ Companies Worldwide

Solutions and Service Highlights

Your search for high-quality product engineering services ends here!

Gateway Market Insights

Gateway Market Insight

Digital transformation overshadows all other trends these days and market research is one of the primary enablers of this megatrend. We at Gateway Digital have adopted this trend to provide a powerful business intelligence and analytics platform that accumulates useful data and actionable market insights to help organizations identify opportunities, avoid risks and boost revenue.

With Gateway Market Insight’s relevant and accurate insights, businesses can have enhanced operational benefits and achieve sustainable business goals.


Chatbot Development Services

With the power of cognitive technologies such as AI, NLP and ML, conversational bots are redefining the way of doing business. Gateway Digital leverages the power of these technologies for intelligent chatbot application development for faster, personalized and relevant customer service experience. Our expert team has successfully devised chatbot-driven solutions that interact with users over text or voice, access their information, accomplish specific tasks and complete transactions backed by structured AI-driven algorithms.

Gateway Digital’s approach for implementation of chatbots includes- identifying potentials and their goals, capturing user stories from end-user perspective, identifying the most suitable messaging platform and technology stack to kick start implementation, followed by natural language conversation design and implementation of chatbots.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services

With applied intelligence invading the digital world, new business opportunities are limitless. Gateway Digital has adopted intelligent technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to digitally transform businesses with exceptional value addition. We are experts in developing algorithms that intelligently learn from past information, recommend contextual responses and automate the traditional manual analysis process.

Our AI and ML-based business strategies enable intelligent insights to drive better business decisions, improvise business security structure and enrich customer experience with more personalized interactions. With a broader visibility of data, we have successfully implemented AI-ML capabilities across a wide portfolio of solutions and services for industries, security, networking and analytics.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics Services

Data is an indispensable part of any business. Data analytics is all about turning immense amount of business data into useful and actionable insights. It has the potential to intelligently find correlation and pattern in the massive business data residing at multiple sources.

Gateway Digital drives digital transformation for businesses with incredible big data analytics services. We leverage data to derive new opportunities and help businesses with efficient operations, higher profits and better customer engagement. With the effective use of methodologies and appropriate analytics tools, organizations can unlock the value that lies in their business data and can make best use of it to to thrive better in the digital world.

Social Marketing and Analytics

Social Media Marketing and Analytics Solutions

‘Attract-Engage-Grow’ are the fundamental phases of social media and digital marketing services. We help in spreading awareness and drive engagement by setting up new accounts, postings, reviews, analytics, and paid advertising. Our social media management covers all aspects of developing your social presence by targeting the person, not the keyword to augment end-user engagement.



Online businesses can’t survive by just keeping a static content website. It’s important to have a strong online presence as it increases visibility, effectiveness, and profitability in the digital age. We leverage analytics and the wealth of data available in and around the industry to build a digital strategy that acts as an important step towards becoming an intuitive enterprise.