Data Analytics Services

Data is an indispensable part of any business. Data analytics is all about turning immense amount of business data into useful and actionable insights. It has the potential to intelligently find correlation and pattern in the massive business data residing at multiple sources.

Gateway Digital drives digital transformation for businesses with incredible big data analytics services. We leverage data to derive new opportunities and help businesses with efficient operations, higher profits and better customer engagement. With the effective use of methodologies and appropriate analytics tools, organizations can unlock the value that lies in their business data and can make best use of it to to thrive better in the digital world.


Advanced analytics for HRM and FRM products

Autolytic platform for vehicle manufactures, OEM/parts suppliers, aftermarket service providers, car leasing companies and franchisees/garages

Large scale analytics system for analyzing markets across countries for car parts, parts suppliers and parts manufacturers

Microsoft dynamics NAV for a construction giant with business analytics modules

Big data analytics solution that facilitates geospatial and document search operations from large data sets (200+ GB) clustered at multiple servers

Health care intelligence solution for payers and providers with advanced analytics, forecast and trend analysis report

Futuristic Initiatives

Analytics-as-a-service through an interactive UI for visualization and reporting, with specialized skills best sourced from specialist analytics experts

Strategic Intelligence as self-service analytics platform to trigger diagnostics and predictive analytics

Machine-learning based models that unearth business specific trends and patterns

Automated decision-making with recommended and optimized analytics

Our Achievements

Less than 100ms of data compute time achieved

More than 200 GB data continuously managed by e-discoverable engine

1 million annual cost advantage delivered using our logistics analytics

Over 60% productivity and efficiency targets realized

More than 25,000 users using our healthcare analytics

Advanced Analytical Solution

Advanced Analytical Solution for HRM and FRM Products

Developed an advanced analytics solution for HRM and FRM products to increase performance of business operations and local analytics.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics for Search Intelligence Information System

A big data analytics solution with all segments such as file system (Hadoop), databases or data stores and search (Apache Solr and SQL).

Predictive Forecasting

Business Intelligence and Predictive Forecasting Model

A trend-based forecasting model based on various disparate systems like POS, accounting software, and other manual data sources.